April 8, 2013

Cow Corp.

Under which category should I file this, bizarre maybe? well, considering the fact private companies have already patented 4,000 (20%) of our own, human genes, what makes a patent on a piece of cow so surprising?

[Steve] Price works at Oklahoma State University. The school says its researchers, working with an outside expert, discovered a new steak. They call it the Vegas Strip Steak. It’s hidden somewhere inside a part of a cow that’s now commonly used for hamburger, Price told me.

The school is trying to patent the steak (and the method of cutting it out of the carcass of the cow) so it can license the process to big meat companies.

When I talked to Price last year, the details were a secret. Then, last week, all the details were revealed to the world when the . That’s why Price sent me that link.
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