April 14, 2013

Get out of my head please.

  • Scientists can now figure out what we see in our dreams:
    Unbelievable as it sounds, researchers from Kyoto, Japan, say that they’ve built something of a dream-reading machine, which learned enough about the neurological patterns of three research participants to predict their sleeptime visualizations with 60 percent accuracy. The study, published today in Science is believed to be the first case in which objective data has been culled about the contents of a dream.
  • Teachers are using super sophisticated technology to determine if our kids are really reading their home assignments:

    Several Texas A&M professors know something that generations of teachers could only hope to guess: whether students are reading their textbooks. The faculty members here are neither clairvoyant nor peering over shoulders. They, along with colleagues at eight other colleges, are testing technology from a Silicon Valley start-up, CourseSmart, that allows them to track their students’ progress with digital textbooks.

    Major publishers in higher education have already been collecting data from millions of students who use their digital materials.
  • And corporations will soon start coding” music that will engage with our nucleus accumbens”:
    Researchers scanned the brains of subjects while they listened to new songs and asked how much they would spend on buying the tracks. They found that the most popular songs - those which people were prepared to pay more for - were also the ones that elicited the strongest response in the nucleus accumbens, a structure in the centre of the brain that is involved in reward processing.
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