April 20, 2013

Numbers & Measures

  • Popular messaging service WhatsApp has over 200 million users and is now bigger than Twitter, according to CEO Jan Koum. More than the numbers, what impressed me was Koum’s comment on possible sale rumors, especially considering today’s startup scenery:
    He also addressed those pesky acquisition rumors that have dogged the company in the last month. In the past he’s denied them, and on Tuesday he expanded on those earlier comments. Our goal is to build a sustainable independent company. We’re not building a company to sell,” he said.
  • How much does it cost to shut down Boston for a day?
  • Dean Starkman of Columbia Journalism Review created a graph that shows the sharp decline in The Wall St. Journals long-form journalism. Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic brings it to attention but neglects to note that the biggest plunge occurred, coincidentally, after Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. had taken over the publication in 2007.
  • 3 weeks ago Wired featured a great read on a man who IPO’d himself for $1 a share. Two days ago, an op-ed claiming that the next big thing in crowdfunding is kickstarting people was enjoying the top fold. Author of the latter is no other than Dave Girouard, CEO of UpStart. UpStart lets people sell stock of themselves. So where was the disclaimer? paragraph number 15 out of 20.
  • On Mashable three days ago: a research by online marketing agency Syncapse shows an average Faceboook fan is worth $174. Interestingly, Syncapse’s previous empirical study” (conducted two months ago on February 21) showed that the average fan is only” worth $136:
    The results of Syncapse’s The Value of a Facebook Fan: An Empirical Review” study suggested that the average value of an individual fan is $136.38. This figure has proven to be quite accurate if a business has a back-end funnel in place designed to turn fans into customers.
    I’m sure both figures can be proven to be quite accurate.
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