May 26, 2013

Billy Joel on not working, drinking, and song-writing

This is a really good interview. Here’s a snippet, when Andrew Gold of the New York Times asks Joel if songwriting is hard for him:

Yeah, I relate to Beethoven. I write backward — I write the music first and then I write the words. Most people write the words first and then they write the music. Keith Richards was explaining his method of songwriting. He calls it vowel movement.” They come up with a riff, and it’s like sounds, and whatever sound . . . like start me up” — up” works because it has a consonant at the end of it, but if you go take me home,” it wouldn’t have worked. I kind of subscribe to that. It has to sound right sometimes even more than being a poetic lyric. It’s a struggle to fit words onto music, and I want it to be really, really good, so I take a long time. I love having written, but I hate writing.
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