January 1, 2014

The Government Website That Did Work

Show #578 of No Agenda reminded me why it’s a podcast I’ve been a listener of since 2011. Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak can be tedious to follow and I certainly don’t subscribe to all of the duo’s beliefs and theories. But, the show has been an on-and-off source for information, entertainment, and some great observations. Here’s one from Curry, at the 29:40 mark of the latest episode:

And then on Christmas Eve we have the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, taking calls — they took 117,000 calls this year — from children. And by the way, the website took 20 million unique visitors. It’s amazing how we can set up a website to track a phantom guy with a sleigh flying to the air but healthcare.gov doesn’t work. It’s pretty amazing how our government is put together.

Somewhat hyperbolic. But ouch.

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