January 22, 2014


I’m sending you to The Verge for the second time in 24 hours only because earlier today I had read two articles, both on MacRumors: One that I think you’re more likely to see elsewhere if you follow Apple pundits, and another that, well, I think you’re less likely to. And, if by any chance it does end up making it, I also think I know what pull-quote is going to be highlighted.

These two reports aren’t the main issue here. They could both be worthless or misinforming. The point that I want to drive home is more general and widespread in the Apple community. The issue in the Apple community isn’t the uniformity of opinions, but it might be uniformity of information. It isn’t in the information that the receiving part in this echo chamber sees, it’s the information that it doesn’t get a chance to. It’s in how we treat different parts of it with varying colors.

There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of something. My coworkers probably think I’m an Apple fan, and they’re probably right: I am, to an extent. But as I said on Twitter a few days ago: If you choose to pick apart other companies at the micro levels, but neglect to do the same with Apple1 — you’re not a fan, you’re a fanboy.

  1. Or any other brand. ↩︎
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