February 1, 2014

‘Me vs We’

Following the conversation about Medium and Svbtle, Kyle Dreger takes an exhaustive look at the two companies based on how both founders approach identity”.

He believes that Svbtle vs. Medium and its predecessor, Medium, The Magazine, stop short of addressing this facet, which he defines as the principle difference” between the duo. And that’s interesting because the lack of identity on Medium is exactly the glaring aspect that these two texts attempt to bare completley.

Generally speaking, I also think it can be somewhat problematic to try and read into the minds (or past statements) of founders and derive from that what a company is all about. This isn’t to say that things should be taken at face value, but to me — if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a horse, it’s still a duck. Kyle doesn’t stop there.

A well-thought-out piece, and the conclusion — as is the case with all good texts — is hardly the most interesting part of it:

Both services have done incredible things to the web publishing game, but the place to start drawing lines between the two is fundamentally based on how both founders approach identity.

Svbtle will continue to focus on the author and personal brand.

Medium will continue to focus on the craft and surfacing stories from anyone.
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