February 20, 2014

Some Administrative Notes

Sometimes I wonder if writing this site is just an excuse for me to constantly fiddle with web-design. Since I really don’t want it to become a journal about itself — and despite my natural tendency — I’ll talk less about the philosophy behind the changes I’ve made and more about what they mean for you as a reader.

Link Posts

The fundamental change is that link posts will behave differently from here on out: Clicking a link-post’s title will no longer take you to another website. Instead, the link (or links) will be placed inline. This also applies to the RSS feed.

Visually, if you’re reading in a browser, then you can see that they look just like standard” posts, but sport smaller titles. For those reading via RSS, the symbol in the title is gone. Instead, a icon will tell you that the post you’re about to read is an original. I hope Tim Smith doesn’t mind I stole this one from him.

There are several reasons why the prevalent link-as-title format doesn’t work for me, but that’s a meta” subject that can take an entire post to explore.

Typeface and Theme

Despite what I wrote recently — try as I may — I wasn’t really at peace with Ideal Sans as the main typeface here. The first time I saw it I described it as too artistic”, but really the word I was looking for was pretentious. Which is exactly the opposite impression I think Proxima Nova gives. So yes, I now share a typeface with thousands of other websites, but it’s one I can naturally identify with.

I agree with what some friends said on Twitter, that people come here for what I write, not how the letters are shaped. But you’d be surprised how these subtle changes can evoke an entirely different feel, even different words.

Finally, I went ahead and made some cosmetic changes that I think give the site a more balanced look. I hope to start working with the talented Alex Guyot soon on some useful features that are beyond my technical abilities for this update.

Now, back to writing. I guess…

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