March 12, 2014


  1. Early last week Apple announced CarPlay. It will be interesting to see how Cupertino gets along with car manufacturers in order for this to take off. People who said the iPhone will be a niche product when it first came out were quickly proven wrong, but this time Apple isn’t playing exclusively by their own rules.

  2. iOS 7.1 is good news for those (millions of) users with an iPhone 4. Two of them are my friends who are determined (still) to switch to an Android because iOS 7 was making their devices crawl. Overall, this is a good update, and I’ve noticed better responsiveness even with my 5S. The Shift key redesign, however, is simply untenable. Nick Heer demonstrates what’s wrong with the way this button evolved, and Riccrado Mori shares a little trick he uses to deal with it.

  3. How do antibiotics that are injected into our foods affect us? A fascinating read on the NYT. Related: Two interesting charts that I’ve published here almost a year ago.

  4. A Soft Murmur & Coffitivity: The first provides various sounds that can be fine-tuned for a desired ambience, the second is a weird attempt to replicate the sonic surroundings in a coffee shop.

  5. This one is a bit of an oldie: If you haven’t heard of Jeff Bezos’ regret-minimization framework”, watch him explain what it is in this short video.

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