May 20, 2014

The Missing Shortcut

It’s a little ironic that this site starts to ramp up attention from some tech-notables at the same time when my professional career seems to enjoy an even stronger momentum that requires my attention and a writing hiatus.

(Yes, I have a talent for always finding a way to complain.)

Anyway, this Mac keyboard shortcuts article by Matt Gemmell has already been linked to death so the place I do want to send you to is its Hacker News thread. There I found this useful shortcut (and several more) which I think many OS X users — even veterans — aren’t aware of:

Normally, when you cycle open apps with Command+Tab, if you land on an application that has minimized windows, nothing happens. The way to remedy that is as follows: Hold Command and tab to the app you want to un-minimize. Without letting go of Command, press down Option, then while holding down Option, let go of Command.

Bonus tip: When landing on an application icon with Tab, continue holding Command and use Tilde (~) to cycle through windows of the same App. I use that one a lot too.

Shortcuts can be a little hard to memorize or confusing at first, but the investment pays for itself once you know enough of them to eliminate the need for a mouse or trackpad.

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