June 13, 2014

FIFA, Data, Rebecca

  1. I stopped watching football (premeditatedly) around seven years ago. Still unsure whether it was a general loss of interest, or because the national team I cheer for is Denmark. Don’t ask.
  2. I did, however, get to watch some of yesterday’s World Cup opening game between the Brazilian hosts and Croatia, including the pathetic penalty call that changed the dynamics completely. My instinctive reaction was something along the lines of WAT!”, but then I remembered having watched this excellent fact-compiliation by comedian John Oliver, about the monopoly that governs the most popular sport in the world. It’s only natural then, that after having fed the Brazilians with so much crap, FIFA is inclined to give back a bit.
  3. The World Cup of Everything Else: Which of the 32 coutnries would win if they competed in unmarried women, Nobel prizes per capita, or most internet users?
  4. If you’ve somehow missed KPCBs 2014 internet trend report, it’s 164 slides of data worth exploring. Michael Lopp has some interesting highlights.
  5. How the NYT prepares obituaries in the age of instant: 1,700 are prewritten, and a dedicated obituary editor” manages the operation.
  6. Links in this post are set in purple1, Rebecca’s favorite color: I’ve never met Rebecca Meyer and haven’t heard of her until a few days ago, but her story left me struggling not to choke. Rebecca died of cancer five days ago, at the age of six.

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