May 10, 2015

How to Get into Harvard

LRB blog:

WikiLeaks has published all the Sony emails that had been hacked last November, and made them searchable by keyword. In 2014, a senior executive emailed an Ivy League vice-president of philanthropy: he’d like to endow a scholarship, anonymously, at the $1mm level’. In another email, he tells a development officer that his daughter is applying to the college as her first choice. It’s all very decorous. The development staff arrange a customised’ campus tour for his daughter and a meeting with the university’s president; but he asks for no favours and nothing is promised. An email from the president says that his daughter’s application will be looked at very closely’. She gets in. He writes to his sister: David… called me. he is obsessed with getting his eldest in Harvard next year.’ She replies: If David wants to get his daughter in he should obviously start giving money.’ Obviously.
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