June 22, 2015

Gmail in a Box

For me, any service that deals with text has to meet an additional criterion: right-to-left support. Luckily, this just happens to be the case with my most valuable app (Drafts). I say luckily because the huge segment of RTLers is consistently left out by most app developers, including those of desktop email apps. You can imagine the tediousness in loading Gmail in a browser.1

This is what Go for Gmail aims to solve: it’s a free Mac app that sits in the menubar and can instantly display your account inside a web-view. You can customize notifications and configure shortcuts to toggle the inbox and compose windows. Clearly, most of this website’s readers only write LTR, but I can see other benefits to having the full web interface available.

By the way, a supposedly supercharged compeer of Go for Gmail is coming out tomorrow, called Kiwi for Gmail. It costs $5 if you pre-order ($10 otherwise) and supports gestures, direct Drive access, and streamlined account switching.

I ordered Kiwi and will do a write-up soon. But if you simply want Gmail inside an app, GfG does the job. (via Matt Gemmell)

  1. Please don’t bring up the native Mail app. ↩︎
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