April 4, 2013

A product cheaper than its’ replica

Lord of War movie posterI was doing some reading on guns and ammunition so to come across the Wikipedia page for the movie Lord of War was inevitable. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie.

Then, in the production section of the Wikipedia page, I discovered that the makers opted to buy 3,000 real Kalashnikov automatic rifles because props were more expensive than the real thing at the film location:

New Zealand director Andrew Niccol bought 3000 Kalashnikov automatic rifles for his latest movie, Lord of War, because it was cheaper than using props.

In a way, my film is a how-to about becoming an arms dealer,” Niccol told the New York Daily News. During the making of it, I needed guns in the Czech Republic, and it was cheaper to use real guns than replicas. I bought 3000 Kalashnikovs and then sold them back at a loss.

“We also got some tanks, and the guy said, I need them back by December because I’m selling them to Libya’.”

Director finds real guns cheaper than props - NZ Herald News (2005)

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