November 21, 2019

Installing applications on a new Mac using Brewfiles

My first Mac — the 2013 MacBook Pro — is still alive. Putting aside the occasional service battery” warning, it’s actually going pretty strong. This machine has far exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and longevity.

Soon enough, though, I will purchase a new machine; either because this one dies, or because Apple finally releases a promising replacement (read: no keyboard issues).

Naturally, I had been looking for a way to automate what I consider the most dreaded part of migrations: reinstalling macOS applications, packages, and command line utilities.

I wrote about macOS migrations with Homebrew and Brewfiles on Open Folder. I estimate it shaves off 95% of the time (and effort) it takes to install applications on a new Mac.

Yes, it involves using the Terminal, but I’ve seen iOS shortcuts more complicated than that.

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