I’m Shibel K. Mansour and this site is a running assortment of links, articles and commentary. There is no strict editorial theme in place, but topics tend to include technology and its many intersections with other fields of life. Have a look at my personal favorites.

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I’m a technologist and a person of the internet. I live in Tel Aviv and work as a TV and radio news anchor for two of Israel’s leading outlets in these media. Though this website is written in English, it is only my third language after Arabic and Hebrew. If you spot something embarrassing, do tell.

Online, I began writing in 2004, at age 15. Two years later, what is now dubbed the blogging boom” was in full effect, and I found myself pulling enough in advertising income to call it more than a hobby. That’s what started the adventure for me, which had to come to an end when I was called for my mandatory army service.

Although I sat the sidelines for the majority of the last few years, my affinity towards online and independent publishing has been growing ever since I wrote my first post — more than a decade ago — on a freely hosted sub-subdomain.


The Pickle Theory is written in Markdown, published with WordPress, and hosted at WPEngine. An iPhone 8, a third-generation iPad mini, and a beefed-up 13″ MacBook Pro (late 2013 model) are used in the production and writing.

Disclaimers & Disclosures

The views expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my employer, or his cat. I do not comment on sensitive or political issues concerning Israel for obvious reasons.

Some links on this website are affiliate links. My policy with these is that I only recommend something if I enjoy it myself. No reviews are solicited, and if I get an early version of something and decide to write about it, I’ll always buy it when it becomes publicly available.

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