These aren’t necessarily the most popular essays, just a running list of personal favorites. Below them is everything ever published on here. Since this site doesn’t really adhere to any specific niche or subject (yet), category-based archives would have made little sense. Last update: July 2, 2015.

The Future of Information Where is journalism headed? A model for the future.

Forming small, self-owned, and single-focus groups, knowledgeables will play a different game than the one news companies are struggling to survive in. To be sustainable, these specialized cells won’t have to break any news, serve a meager diet of ads as content, or deal with every item out there just to feed the hungry ratings machine. They won’t cater to everyone, only to their everyone.

Radio Revolution A stagnant medium that doesn’t make for a sexy topic, but is ripe for a radical shift.

The day when our favorite podcasts are presented on the same list as our favorite radio stations may not be here yet, but it will arrive imminently. And when technological advances allow the interface to blur the lines between the radio and podcast, when all components of the system streamline consumer choice, this will further fragment the already dwindling market share of mainstream broadcasters.

Half a Herd This is not a post about Grandpa.

Indeed, Grandpa’s clothes — plain jeans, khaki shirt, and Tembel hat — did well to camouflage his acumen.

Why I Buy All Those Apps” We’re looking at productivity apps the wrong way.

Where financially possible, people also trade money for time. We hire assistants, maids, secretaries, gardeners, and babysitters. These are very common and legitimate money-for-time trades. We also buy products to save us time: microwaves, espresso machines, clothes dryers…so why don’t we hire” apps for the same purpose?

Four Years in Apple’s Ecosystem: An Expenses Report A granular inspection of my spending habits on apps and content.

The primary goal behind this compilation was to become more familiar with Apple’s Numbers, to satisfy my growing interest in statistics, and learn more about data visualization.

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